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How Doe's It all Work and How to Get the Best Deal ?


+ A car lease is essentially a long-term rentalof a brand new vehicle typically for 2,3 or 4 years with a fixed monthly payment, with a choice of a initial rental deposit or upfront payment that is paid before your agreement starts.


+ You can choose from any make model of brand new car or van to suit your budget and lifestyle with an option to to take out a maintenance package for an additional cost per month. A maintenance package covers most repairs except for accedental damage.


+ Select an accurate annual milage you require which is typically anywhere between 5,000 - 30000 per annum.


+ We have leasing options for both bussiness and personal leasing. If you are a VAT registered company and don't use the car soley for personal journey's then you can choose a bussiness lease so your monthly rentals will be cheaper as 50% of the VAT on the deal can be claimed back.


+ You will need a full UK driving licence in order to be able to lease a car or van. 


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