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Hello Tom


How are you getting on and how was your wedding?! Hope you had an amazing day and loving married life.


I’ve been meaning to leave you a review for ages only Google won’t let me into my account (didn’t even know I had an account), have tried to fix many times and give up. I think I need to update software or something and I’ve no idea where to start.


So here’s a review if there is any way you can make use of it.


After two months of dealing with other leasing companies and dealerships chasing my tail, Tom listened to my requirements, found a car and organised the finance within 24 hours. I needed warp speed and he delivered. The car is exactly what I wanted at the right price. Tom was a pleasure to deal with and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


I hope you can use that! Sorry for the delay, up the wall!


Best wishes,


Louise Murphy.





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